Hungry cat takes on treadmill in quest for food

A YouTube video posted earlier in January shows the owner of a cat tempting it with a plate of food, before switching on the treadmill.

The video, titled "Cat want food! Cat don't get food.." was uploaded January 12 but has recently been picked up by several websites. It was posted by YouTube user Andrew Elliot along with the description "It is a cat that is hungry. Fortunately cats are pretty dumb. In memory of Daisy, 1980-2013."

The video lasts for two minutes and shows the cat slowly approaching the food before the treadmill is switched on. When the treadmill stops, the cat walks back to the plate of food, only to be pulled away repeatedly.

Watch the video above and then comment on our Facebook page and tell us what you think of it: is it mean or funny?

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