Houston area residents says chupacabra spotted in neighborhood

In one Texas community, residents say they're concerned about a mysterious animal that's been spotted in the area. Some say it's the 'chupacabra' but others are a bit skeptical.

The paw prints along the Buffalo Bayou in the Memorial area near Houston reveal what neighbors have seen three times in the past 11 days. According to residents, the paw prints were left by an animal that a resident caught on camera.

At least one man says it could be the legendary chupacabra. Here's how he described him:

"Big long pointy ears. Long tail had no skin, or no fur, but you could see splotches of gray.

Scott Black says he's seen the animal four times, each right outside his back door.

A trapper from Ohio saw the photos and came down for a visit. After his visit, he gave Black his cage in hopes that he could catch the animal, something that hasn't been accomplished yet.

Houston animal control expert Claude Griffin says while many will immediately pass it off as a coyote, the characteristics appear to be a possible combination of several canine species from a coyote to domesticated breed to dingo.

Griffin says he's seen it before in Houston and he wouldn't be surprised if it's the offspring of someone's exotic pet.

"People are actually inbreeding the animals and letting them go and claiming that they're catching them," Griffin said. "They are practicing the perfection of in-breeding."

So what is it? It hasn't been caught yet, so no one can be certain.