Homicide rate is down nearly 30 percent year to year

The number of homicides in Oklahoma City is down nearly 30%. At this rate, 2014 could potentially have the lowest number of homicides we've seen in the last ten years.

As of August 11th there have been 35 homicides. That number is nearly 30% down from 2013 and 35% down from 2012. In 2012 the city had 99 homicides, the highest number in the last decade.

"It's unclear what's causing it," said Msgt. Gary Night. "It's unclear if it's us doing something or if there's another factor involved."

Oklahoma City Police say there are a number of reasons for the decrease in homicides. Some of those reasons are known and others are not known. They do believe the advances in healthcare have played a big part.

"The level of care has changed and that's also helped bring the homicide rate down," said Knight.

OKCPD told FOX25 the numbers also show that 62.9% of the homicides are solved. That's 22 solved of the 35 homicides total so far this year. Police credit the community in helping them solve a majority of their cases.

"We want all of the help we can get an the community is a major factor, a major player in solving a lot of these cases," said Knight.

Kim Garrett works with the Police Department as the Victims Services Coordinator.Garrettt says the tips help the families of victims heal.

"If the victims don't know who did or where the offender is then it is very difficult for the family to move on," said Garrett. "It can stunt their grieving process which can be very detrimental for them to move forward."

Police told FOX25 the numbers do fluctuate and tend to average out evenly over the years. The department says they still have 13 unsolved homicides. If you know anything that could help an active investigation please call the Homicide Tip Line at 405-297-1200.

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