Homeowners deal with the ice storm's aftermath

The Calloway's holiday display looks less merry with a "melted" snowman and "sleeping" Santa Claus after the winter storm.

"When the rain came and it started icing over, we had to go ahead and unplug them," said Shannon Calloway.

Calloway says with all the ice accumulation, deflated lawn ornaments are the least of her families' worries.

"It's taken down quite a few trees in the front, back, pretty much all around," she said.

Snapped tree limbs litter The Calloways' yard, Calloway's daughter, Meghan saw some branches fall to the ground.

"I was watching YouTube, I was sitting right by the window, and I heard a click," said Meghan, remembering when she heard the first branch snap in their yard, "and that was that branch over there."

The Calloways are just one of many Oklahoma families who must deal with the aftermath of this weekend's ice storm.

"Now I've got a broken limb and everything else coming down," said Scott English.

Many old trees at English's home also suffered damage-- he says he may need to extract them since they're so close to power lines.

"That has been an issue with power outages, trees falling into lines, taking lines down, limbs falling into lines as well," said Karen Kurtz, a spokesperson for OG&E.

OG&E officials say crews are working around the clock to keep power running, but as more branches fall due to ice, all customers should be prepared for the worse.

"As those tree limbs are breaking and that ice is so heavy on the lines, we do expect, unfortunately to probably see some more outages," said Kurtz.

Clearing out trees after the storm is not a problem for English.

"The storm weakens them," he said.

English and Calloway says it's more important for OG&E to keep power running in their neighborhood.

"We didn't lose any power with this one," said Calloway.

To report a power outage during the winter storm-- call OG&E at 272-9595.