High speed pursuit ends in crash near Bricktown

A high-speed pursuit ended just west of Bricktown in Oklahoma City when the suspect crashed into three different vehicles. While police have the suspect in custody, they are still looking for answers.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the suspect driving a red pickup truck passed a trooper on NE 36th near Grand, going 75 mph in a 40 mph zone. When the trooper tried to stop him, he took off even faster.

"The vehicle began fleeing from the Trooper in and out of traffic, not using his signal, driving recklessly. The top speed was 120 mph," said Capt. Brent Sugg.

Capt. Sugg says the suspect entered and exited I-35 a number of times until finally getting off at Reno.

"The Trooper felt that at the point of Reno and Lincoln, when he attempted to set up for a tactical vehicle intervention, that it was a spot that he could safely do it," said Capt. Sugg.

However, before the tactical move could be taken, the suspect crashed.

"We saw them take an elderly lady, and it looked like two of her granddaughters and her puppy, into the ambulance," said a witness.

OHP says four or five people were in the three vehicles and some of them were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The suspect was taken into custody, but at this time police still don't know his identity. They think he may be giving them a false name.

"There's no record of him. So we'll check him through [the system] and try to determine his identity through fingerprints," said Capt. Sugg.

Witnesses say when the suspect was arrested he was very calm and didn't seem phased by the incident. Police are looking into whether the truck the suspect was driving was stolen.

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