High school brothers team up for staggering St. Baldrick's sum

Shedding your hair in solidarity with young cancer patients. It's the central feature of what is being called St. Baldrick's Day and two high school brothers have answered the call in a BIG way.

More than 60 students at Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago shaved their heads to raise money for childhood cancer research. Junior Michael Melchiorre and his freshman brother, Tony. Together, they raised $190,000 for St. Baldrick's.

How'd they do it? A lot of support.

"Well, I'm just lucky to have a huge support group of family and friends," Michael said.

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The Melchiorre brothers were inspired by cancer victims they knew, including a great uncle who died because of the disease.

"We really wanted to honor his life by donating all the money we could to help kids get through the hardship of what they're going through now," Tony said.

With the Mt. Carmel's student body involved, more than 500 people pitched in this year.

"It's crazy, it's insane to think that that many people donate," Michael said.

Of course, Michael and Tony willingly went bald and both say the feeling of helping those in most need is priceless.

This is Michael's fourth year raising money for St. Baldrick's. He's raised over $500,000 for research.

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