Hidden cash craze hits OKC, makes two drops already

It started as a social experiment in San Francisco and quickly spread to other California cities. Now, it's arrived in the Sooner State.@hiddencashokc was started late last week by an anonymous person, promising to hide money across the metro.The first tweet came out on Saturday, asking Oklahoma City and Norman if they were ready to have some fun. Shortly after, the first drop was made. The clue: "It's where you go to have a date, and it protected so many in our State. #HiddenCashOKC #findme #FREE$$ #onalightpole"The same, a second drop was made, this time in SW Oklahoma City: "On 240 and Western there lives a King, who makes some of the best burgers you've ever seen."On Sunday, no drops were made with the account saying "Don't worry, I didn't forget you guys. Something came up and had to move the next search to tomorrow."The account stated that it had received donations and now has a team working to get money hidden in the city.@hiddencashokc urges anyone who finds the money to pay it forward. You don't have to be on Twitter to get the clues, there's also a Facebook page.The account posted that it had a busy day planned for Monday but as of 4:45, the only post was on both social media pages was about the rain.Fox 25 has reached out to the account for comment.