Hero dog helps after tornado

An Edmond dog was one of the first on scene after the May 20th tornado.

As Janell Mayberry and her dog, Bond, walk around Plaza Tower Elementary they remember what it looked like on May 20th.

"Being out here again just brings back so many memories of so many emotions that we went through," said Janell. "There was people running around, a lot of people crying. A lot of emotions."

Trained in search and rescue Janelle brought bond to more shortly after the tornado hit to help with recovery efforts. The two were assigned to plaza towers elementary but with all the chaos in the streets Janell and Bond could not get through by car. They had to walk more than a mile to get to plaza Towers.

"He was tired, he was wet, he was muddy, he looked about 10 shades darker than what he was because of the mud."

But bond never stopped. Even after his paws started bleeding, the soft coated wheaten terrier kept searching.

"He didn't want to give up. Even when I said that's enough he just wanted to go and go and go."

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police says Bond was able to search places first responders couldn't get to.

"Without them it would have been difficult for us to find a lot of the people we did find."

He says he will always be grateful to both Janell and Bond.

"They're awesome. She's a great handler and he's a cool dog. Yeah the work he did was great but he's a cool dog, he's cool looking and friendly and just a neat animal."

Janell says May 20th is a day will always be a vivid memory.

"This was his first natural disaster but it did not faze him. It will not ever be forgotten."

Next week Bond and Janell are traveling to Pennsylvania where bond will be receiving the "The Wheaten Ambassador Award." They are accepting donations to help with the cost of the trip. Janell Mayberry can be reached at 405-922-1366 or