Heating your home without wasting money

As temperatures drop below freezing many folks crank up the heat to stay warm but experts say that could end up costing you on your heating bill.

"Your air flow is key to heating and cooling your home," said Bill Edwards with First Time Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Edwards said without proper maintenance hot air can escape and cold air make its way inside.

To put that to the test we followed Bethany Fire Chief Scott Schroder around his fire station with an infrared camera.

"It's going to show you where the heat is so all the stuff that is warm or hot is going to be lighter colored," said Chief Schroder.

Just as we thought doors and windows were the biggest problem. On the infrared camera you could actually see where cold air was coming in.

"I probably need to put new seal on it because it's a little bit darker right there in the bottom corner of that door and if you felt down there you could probably feel the cold."

But there are easy fixes to the problem.

"Weather strip your doors and windows. Make sure they seal properly," said Edwards.

Edwards said cleaning and checking your heating system yearly is key. He also recommends making sure all duct work is insulated and sealed properly.

"That prevents air flow from escaping into the attic."

With regular maintenance Edwards said everybody can share a common goal this winter, "You want to keep your bill low, stay warm and stay safe."

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