Hearing on possible class-action lawsuit in court today

UPDATE 8:30:Today's hearing has been canceled.Lawyers for both sides have agreed that the case meets the criteria for class action statusThe next hearing is now scheduled for November 13th.Oklahoma City attorney John Hunsucker says once they have certification and discovery, they will then contact drivers who fall into the class action lawsuit.A lawsuit involving drivers whose licenses were revoked because of a faulty affidavit, goes before a judge today. An Oklahoma county district judge will decide if the case deserves class action status. The suit seeks refunds for an estimated 40-thousand drivers. Their licenses were revoked after being cited for alcohol-related offenses between 2003 and 2008. Last year, a court ruled that an affidavit used by the department of public safety did not comply with state law. The affidavits have since been changed, but the drivers could receive refunds of fees related to the reinstatement of their driver's licenses. According to the Tulsa World... the refund could total as high as $11 million dollars. Today's hearing starts at nine.
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