Haunted house captures faces of fear

As Halloween draws near, haunted houses will begin cropping up. Complete with 'homicidal murderers' and ghastly ghouls these houses of horror are meant to scare you. But one is catching that moment of fear on camera.

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, New York has a unique feature that makes it very famous. When that moment of terror hits you, they snap your photo.

As visitors wander through the halls darkness, they grab hold of each other for protection and follow a trail of red lights until they're confronted by a car full of ghosts. As the lights flip on a secret camera snaps their terrified reactions.

Some of those images are then uploaded to a photo stream on flickr so we can all enjoy their terror. Better them than us, right?

Anyways, click through this slideshow to see some of the best!