Guymon senior Bryton Aubrey wins hearts of students, community

As the clock neared zero, Guymon High School senior Bryton Aubrey put up a three from the corner. The errant shot bounced right back to him, so he shot another one. This one missed too. Then something special happened.

Bryton, a senior for the Guymon Tigers, was selected Homecoming King last December. The Guymon Daily Herald reports he hit his first three of the year that same day against as Guymon downed Lamar, Colo., 71-24.

On Tuesday night, he played his final game of the high school season against Woodward and the last play was drawn up just for him.

With the clock ticking down, the camera starts recording. It's a little fuzzy but you can see him hoist a shot from the corner. It bounces off the side of the backboard and straight into his hands. So he shoots again.

But the shot comes up short and a Woodward player snags it out of the air. The Woodward player doesn't drive up the court the other way. Instead, he passes it back to Bryton for one last shot.

Bryton puts up his third shot and drains the three, sending the hometown crowd into a frenzy.

Guymon lost to Woodward 72-58 and the game is expected to be the last of his career as the Tigers sit at 9-12, but for his father, Mark Aubrey, this is just another show of support from a community that's been behind them for years.

"You fear your child will get picked on or bullied because of the way he looks or the situation he has in his life. But this community loves him."

Mark says Bryton lives up to his name: he brightens the world of everyone around him and when he gets in the game, the students go crazy.

"He's played for six years, since 7th grade, and has always been the guy on the bench. Last year's team featured his best friend and they had one goal: get Bryton in to play."

In a phone interview with FOX 25, Mark said Bryton trains just like every other student. He gets up early for training and he goes to practice. He can't stay on the court for long stretches, though, because he doesn't have the endurance.

According to Mark, Bryton, who is adopted, was born into a difficult situation and had some 'issues at birth' but he has fought every step to be mainstream.

"He passed all of his ACE tests and excelled in those. He had above average scores. He loves history and politics."

Bryton will graduate in May and plans to attend Panhandle State University.

"We're blessed to have him. We believe he's blessed to come in our life."