Guthrie stands up against common core standards

A large school district fires a shot against common core standards. Guthrie's School Board approved a resolution saying they want common core repealed.

Guthrie is the first district in the state to take a stand like this and say, in writing, it rejects common core standards. But the piece of paper alone won't change anything, only lawmakers at the State Capitol can do that.

The fight against common core has been going on for quite some time. Teachers say they can't do their job and parents say their children are struggling with anxiety.

"She get's violently sick, she breaks out in red bumps and she throws up," said Sandra Paisley, the mother of a sophomore at Guthrie High School.

The Guthrie School Board says it has heard enough, and it's taking a stand. On Monday, the board approved a resolution saying it wants to withdraw from the assessments and repeal common core.

"As a school district we wanted to represent our constituents' opinions, that they are not for common core," said school board member Jennifer Johnson.

Johnson is also the legislative liaison for the board. She says there is legislation making its way through the House and the Senate to repeal common core, but she's worried it won't go through.

"We're hoping that as we take a stand and say we're not happy with this program, that other districts, who agree, have an option to state their position as well," Johnson said.

Johnson hopes as the voices against common core get louder, legislators will be forced to act.

"We would love to see the legislation repeal common core and go back to the State Board of Education to address the standards."

Parents just want to see the suffering of their children end.

"All I can see is my daughter being taught testing, testing testing," said Paisley. "She is not being taught the basics because the teachers are not able to teach it anymore.

The Guthrie School Board says it will send its resolution to the State Board of Education. The State Board says it will have to wait to see what happens with the legislation, but in the meantime it is prepared to start writing its own state standards.