Lockdown lifted at Capitol after gunshots near Congress

Screen grab from CNN after reports of shots fired.

The Washington DC Police department is on the scene at the U.S. Capitol after several gunshots were heard.

NBC Political Reporter Luke Russert and Jeremy Peters, a New York Times reporter, both tweeted that gunshots were heard and police were securing the area just before 1:30 PM CDT.

Senior congressional staffers and one eyewitness told Fox News the incident began when someone tried to ram a barrier or gate at the White House. The driver sped off and led police on a car chase, which came to a stop near the Capitol building. Sources said several police cars were in pursuit. When they boxed in the other vehicle, the driver got out and five or six shots were fired, sources said.

Witnesses saw a baby being taken from the car.

Police say the U.S. Capitol was put on a security lockdown amid reports of possible shots fired outside the building.

At 1:45, Bloomberg news reported that a shooter was in custody. 15 minutes later, the lockdown was lifted and Capitol Police announced they'll be holding a press conference shortly.

FOX news reports the suspect is a female but her identity is unknown at this time.

People standing outside the Supreme Court across the street from Congress were hurried into the court building by authorities.

U.S. Capitol police said they had received reports of gunshots and one police officer has been injured.

Capitol Police sent out the following advisory to staffers:

"SHELTER IN PLACE. Gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill requiring all occupants in all House Office Buildings to shelter in place. Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows. Take annunciators, Go Kits and escape hoods; and move to the innermost part of the office away from external doors or windows. If you are not in your office, take shelter in the nearest office, check in with your OEC and wait for USCP to clear the incident. No one will be permitted to enter or exit the building until directed by USCP. All staff should monitor the situation. Further information will be provided as it becomes available."

The House and Senate went into recess after the shooting.