Group comes to defense of Capt. Randy Harrison in teen shooting case

Law enforcement instructors come to the defense of an officer charged with killing a teenager
after a chase in the Metro. Captain Randy Harrison's trial is set for November 18.

FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren talked with members of the law enforcement group about what they are asking the court.

Dane Scott Junior was shot and killed on I-35 and SE 15th Street on March 14, 2012. The debate over whether or not that shooting was justified has gone on ever since.

Investigators say Scott was pulled over during a traffic stop in Del City, but ended up leading
police on a chase to Oklahoma City.

During a scuffle, investigators say Harrison was able to get a handgun away from Scott, and Scott took off running. That's when Harrison fired his gun, and according to the medical examiner, Scott was shot in the back and later died.

"While it's distasteful that we would shoot someone in the back, a violent, fleeing felon often
presents no other target," said James Bowen.

Bowen is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors or OALEFI. He and his organization believe Harrison was justified in shooting Scott and filed a motion on Wednesday to the district court saying it is willing to testify to that in court.

"If what he did was wrong then what we're teaching our law enforcement officers both here in
Oklahoma and around the country is then wrong," said Bowen.

That's where Bowen says the real problem lies. Harrison went through CLEET firearms training
and was an instructor. Bowen says Harrison followed protocol to the letter. So now current
officers are second guessing.

"It causes us to have uncertainty as to why what we're training is not being supported in the
court," Bowen said.

But many witnesses have never second guessed what they saw that day. They don't understand why the officer used his gun. The district attorney's office maintains Harrison acted out of line.

District Attorney David Prater said he stands ready to take this case to trial. He also pointed
out motions have already been filed with the court regarding the issues OALEFI is bringing up,
and two different judges have thrown them out.

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