Graphic video shows teen with autism beaten, two arrested

Police in Florida say the mother of a ten with autism who was beaten and bullied in a video posted to Facebook was arrested.According to Fox 25 affiliate WPEC, Police in Florida say a woman who supplied alochol where a 16-year-old boy with autism was severely beaten is the second person to be arrested after the video went viral on Facebook.Okeechobee police Detective Bill Saum says Daley was arrested for allowing an underaged house party with alcohol and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The autistic teen was an invited guest, but was beaten after a girl at the party wanted him to leave, according to an Okeechobee police report.Police say Daley provided the alcohol for the party. Police say the video, which has been edited, also shows a 15-year-old girl drinking, despite the fact she is 4 months pregnant.Mobile users, click here to see the video if it fails to load above.Police say the beating happened at Daley's home as she hosted an underage party and provided alcohol. According to police, the video, which was edited, shows 18-year-old Andrew Wheeler beating on the teen. Police say the video also shows a 15-year-old girl, who is four months pregnant, drinking at the party.Police were called to the house to a report of a person in the street. They said they found the boy who had been beaten in the roadway and he appeared intoxicated. Police said he had vomited nearby.Witnesses told police that a girl at the party wanted Daley's son to leave the house, so she called Wheeler. One witness and the victim told police that after the video ended, the boy was beaten again in the front yard. The boy told police that Wheeler choked him into unconsciousness in the front yard and when he awoke Wheeler was hitting him in the face while people stood around "laughing," according to an Okeechobee City Police report. He also said Wheeler held a knife to his throat.Wheeler claimed to police that he was called to the home to "take the boy home" and tried to help him up and out of the house, but instead had to hit him to defend himself. He says he punched him and the boy fell to the ground, then "lost his temper" and that is when the video starts, according to the report.Okeechobee police say they have been to the house 32 times in the last year for calls ranging from domestic abuse to child abuse to lewd and lascivious conduct and a runaway case.An earlier version of this story indicated that the woman accused of supplying the alcohol was the mother of the boy who was beaten. Fox 25 has learned from media partners that is not the case and we have corrected the story. We regret the error.