Graphic Australian PSA draws views and heat

An Australian Public Service Announcement that urges students to stay in school is getting a lot of attention this week for its graphic nature.

The 1:30 ad starts with actors portraying high schoolers ditching class to hit the beach. They sneak in to the beach through a hole in the fence. It continues with several scenes of fun in the sun that includes surfing, playing in the sand and the ocean.

That's when the innocence ends.

One of the actors steps on a land mine. Two others do the same. Only then does the camera show the spot where they broke in as being an explosive testing site. The final message appears that says "Stay in School".

The spot was created by Western Australia's Learn for Life. The foundation promotes the "importance of education for people of all ages.'

Buzzfeed labeled it the "World's most disturbing PSA".

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