Governor signs measure to pay for Capitol repairs

Governor Mary Fallin signed a measure into law that would pay for repairs of the state Capitol.House Joint Resolution 1033 would provide $120 million dollars to repair problems. The Capitol has numerous problems, including electrical and plumbing problems. Part of the southern sides of Capitol have been closed because of the fear of falling pieces off the building.Work on the outside could begin later this summer. Work on the inside could begin next year."The State Capitol is the seat of our government and an important symbol of Oklahoma," said Fallin, in an e-mailed statement. "The disrepair it had fallen into was a black eye for the entire state. This bond issue offers a responsible way to rebuild and repair the People's House. My thanks go out to our legislators for taking action to restore the Capitol." Earlier in the year, House Speaker Jeff Hickman said it was an issue that could not be ignored.