Governor signs House Bill 2416

Schools and Guns: It's a hot button issue that we see reopened every time there is a school shooting.House Bill 2416 being singed into law on Friday means you can bring them on a school parking lot but still not inside the building.But is the law creating a possible pathway?Former lawmaker Steve Russell says there's a delicate balance between state and federal laws and for right now this is as far as things can go in Oklahoma."A woman maybe she's staying late for that school play or she's working with the band or extra curricular activities with students, now she can walk to her parking lot with some measure of safety," says Russell. During his time in the State Senate he served as a champion for Second Amendment Rights authoring a bill that allowed for guns on Careertech parking lots."We had predictions that at Careertechs that they were going to be horrendous acts that would happen, not a single incident has happened," says Russell. The language of the new law is similar to the one Russell wrote.A person with a concealed handgun permit can now leave the weapon in a locked vehicle in school parking lots.But the the handgun has to be hidden from view when left unattended.The measure also reduces violations of the handgun regulations from a felony to a misdemeanor.We checked in with students to get their thoughts."People are going to say you can use it for self defense and I'm like well if they are no weapons nearby there wouldn't need to be any self defense," says Senior Samantha Manning. But Senior Brooklyn Berry has parents in law enforcement and says if a person has a permit they already have the go ahead from the state. "You have to take a class to get the license so you are trusted with the gun and I think it's OK," says Berry. The Oklahoma School Resource Officer Association says they are in favor of the law as long as the handgun is only on school grounds for a short period of time and not all day. While Oklahoma City Public Schools says they will be working to comply with a level of safety and security.