Governor Mary Fallin's statement on same-sex marriage ruling

Governor Mary Fallin is responding to the ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals that strikes down the gay marriage ban in Oklahoma.Governor Mary Fallin was speaking at a Parent Teacher Association state conference in Tulsa. Fox 25's Keaton Fox was at the conference and asked Governor Fallin about the ruling.She said the state voted to ban gay marriage and that she's disappointed in the ruling. The governor said it's an example of federal government intruding on states' rights.Governor Fallin also says Oklahoma should have the right to vote on laws and not have federal intrusion and overreach.A few minutes after speaking with Fox 25, Governor Fallin's office issued this statement:"In 2004, voters had an opportunity to decide whether or not to allow same-sex marriage in Oklahoma. Seventy-six percent voted not to, and to instead define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. I was one of the many voters who cast my ballot in favor of traditional marriage. Today's ruling is another instance of federal courts ignoring the will of the people and trampling on the right of states to govern themselves. In this case, two judges have acted to overturn a law supported by Oklahomans. Their decision will be appealed and, I hope, overturned. As governor, I will continue to fight back against our federal government when it seeks to ignore or change laws written and supported by Oklahomans."