Governor Mary Fallin set to make a decision on Common Core bill

Many parents and teachers anxiously wait to see if the governor will sign or veto the Common Core bill. The bill would scrap Common Core standards in the state. If Governor Fallin signs it into law, schools would have to follow the standards set before 2010 and adjust to those new benchmarks. Lawmakers would also have a say in how standards are set, which is something many educators think is a bad idea. Five bills did not make it past Governor Fallin's desk this week, including one that would have allowed state workers to cash in their unused leave. Fallin says annual leave encourages a healthy work-life balance and that the bill "transforms leave time into a commodity." She also vetoed bills dealing with the transfer of prisoners in need of medical treatment and a measure that would exempt some students from end-of-instruction exams. Fallin has signed two other measures into law, including one that requires divorcing couples with children to attend an educational program. The governor has until Saturday, June 7, to either sign or veto the Common Core bill.