Gold discovered in Oklahoma, results won't spark gold rush

A gold rush in Oklahoma? Not quite. But you can find some of the valuable metal here, including in some unexpected places... like your hardware store. "Just like that, we're mining!" said Mike Pung, President of the Gold Prospectors of OKC.His is an unlikely gold mine, in a home in Midwest City. He said, "Gold is where you find it."Pung and other prospectors are finding that gold in unusual places. He showed us how to find it in a bag of sand blaster. Pung's invention, the Gold Cube, captures even the smallest flecks of gold. "All the old equipment was losing most of the gold we could find," he said. Not just in sand blaster, prospectors are finding flecks in play sand and concrete mix. Pung says there's also gold in every Oklahoma river bed."If i'm having a bad day, I'll just grab some dirt from somewhere just so I can see the gold," said Pung.After running the sand blaster through the Gold Cube, Pung showed us the careful panning technique he's perfected over the last 8 years. "So now you've got gold at the bottom, black sand, and then light sand. So now we're going to wash all this off. Look at all that black sand in there!" Under that black sand, Pung counted 25 tiny pieces of gold. The work is tedious and time consuming. And panning for gold in Oklahoma certainly won't make you rich. "You don't want to buy a whole truck load of dirt and expect it to pay for the gas you needed to get there," Pung said. The couple dozen gold flecks Pung panned for us from the sand blaster are only worth about 25 cents, but the real payoff doesn't come in the form of money."Is there a little bit of rush?" we asked Pung. "There is!" he said. "Every single time. I don't get tired of it." Gold is worth about $1250 an ounce. Finding that much gold in Oklahoma would take a lot of time and work.