Giant fish pond in abandoned roofless mall

Fish thriving and keeping bug population down

Thousands of fish have made an abandoned mall in Bangkok their new home. At one time, New World Mall was a Thai shopping emporium, but it was shut down in 1997 due to building code violations and a massive fire that destroyed its roof. Rainwater slowly filled the roofless building over the years and because of stagnation, there was a major mosquito outbreak in the area. The outbreak was so bad that locals introduced freshwater fish to the derelict mall to eat the insects. Since then, the population of mosquitoes has gone down, but as you can see, the mall is thriving with all different kinds of fish. Stores surrounding the mall even sell fish food to curious tourists who want to check out the eerily magnificent site. This was posted by Dangerous Minds on Facebook on Monday, 6/30. It already has close to 25,000 views and over 600 comments. One of the most popular comments says the inside of the mall looks like the scene from the popular video game Bioshock. What do you think? Watch the video to see more of this peculiar fish paradise.