Georgia sheriff cancels Valentine's Day because of weather

While Oklahoma has enjoyed unseasonably warm weather the last couple days, the east coast and the south was pummeled with a heavy blast of winter weather, prompting a sheriff to cancel Valentine's Day.

The Oconee County (Ga.) Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday on Facebook that Valentine's Day was canceled from "a line north of I16 to the Georgia/Tennessee Border". It gave men a break from having to run out and buy gifts for their valentines, notably lottery tickets and candy.

While the post humorous, there may have been some truth to it. After ice and snow moved through Georgia, roadways were slick with ice and officials warned motorists to stay off the roads. This was just done in a more unique way.

Sheriff Scott Berry told FOX News he decided to take the action after seeing how many stores were closed because of the storm.

Berry said that even though the weather in Georgia was better Friday, men still should get a pass until Tuesday so they can play catch up.

"We've got to give these guys a chance," he said.

But that decree apparently doesn't apply to Berry.

"I may have written the proclamation but I am not stupid enough to go by it," he said. "Yes, Valentine's Day's covered at my house."