Gary Sinise In Oklahoma To Build Home For Vet

He does things for the troops that nobody ever knows about or has known he's done."

It's a day Frank Megow wouldn't have missed for the world. He served our country and had to be there when Hollywood's elite came to town.

"He does it strictly for the American serviceman and woman," Megow said.

This Hollywood actor is Gary Sinise who says his life changed direction after he appeared in "Forest Gump."

"After I played a double amputee in the film 20 years ago, that led me to an association with our wounded," he said.

Lt. Dan came back from war in a wheelchair, but veterans returning these days are standing on prosthetic masterpieces. Some of them are designed and built right here in Oklahoma.

"These days we have better options than we've ever had for them through the increase in technology," said Scott Sabolich, a prosthetist.

That technology is why Sinise, and his three year old foundation honoring veterans, are here.

"We have many, many, many Lt. Dans out there that need help," Sinise said.

One of those Lt. Dans is Oklahoma's Rusty Dunigan, a triple amputee injured in Afghanistan. Gary's foundation is giving Rusty and his family what they most need.

"One of the things we're trying to do is address the needs of our badly wounded service members with special homes and that's what we're doing here for Rusty," he said.

"You know that's another part of my independence that I'm looking to regain," said Dunigan.

Megow knows first hand returning from war can be difficult. That's why he's supporting a man from Hollywood and his mission to honor those in Oklahoma.

"When you come back and you're missing a limb or your missing something, life's not the same anymore," Megow said.