Game Day Countdo Norman gearing up for big business

Football fans rejoice! Kickoff is just 39 days away.

Move over royal baby, people around Norman have something more important on their minds.

"It's Norman. That's what everybody seems to live for in this days," said The Mont manager Patrick Kallin.

It may be quiet at the local favorite restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon, but game days are standing room only. He's already getting his servers prepared.

"Everyone on our staff works game days. I mean you can't get away working game days if you work here," he said. It's all-hands-on-deck with his 30 staff members every home game in the fall.

At the Campus Bookstore they're sorting thousands of new items.

"This is what Bob Stoops will be wearing and the other coaches will be wearing," said Bookstore Merchandise Manager Lesli Williams, showing off their popular "Coaches Polos."

To keep up with demand they'll get more than 40,000 new pieces of clothing between July and August.

In the City of Norman, game days are the biggest business days of the year.

And city personnel are already getting in gear.

"We have lots of meetings between the public works staff for traffic control, the fire department, the police department," said city Finance Director Anthony Francisco.

He says each game day's impact depends on different factors. The biggest- - how well the other guys travel.

"It kind of depends what the visiting team brings. That's kind of the, from a business standpoint, the gravy," he said.

Another factor is weather. Raining? Outdoor patios suffer. Too cold? The bookstore says it sees a spike in business.

"Going into the stockroom we were throwing boxes out the back door to run into the stadium. Because everybody was freezing and requesting beanies and gloves and hats and scarves," recalled Lesli about one especially cold game.

You won't need any of those come August 31. Not just because of the summer heat. You can also thank Sooner Fever. It's taking over the city before school even begins.

One major concern Francisco voiced is about the construction in town. Parts of Main St are closed. He recommends taking Flood Ave or Sooner Rd as an alternative.