Future Forecasters: West Nichols Hills Elementary Pre-K

FOX 25 is committed to keeping everyone safe during severe weather season and it starts with education.Chief Meteorologist Jeff George took his Future Forecasters lesson to West Nichols Hills Elementary on Thursday and spoke with the youngest ones in the building: pre-k.

The Future Forecasters program was developed by FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Jeff George as an educational program for elementary school kids designed to make soaking up the science of meteorology and breaking down severe weather safety a blast. {}It is a highly interactive presentation which also features Derick B rock from Mad Science who sprinkles in experiments guaranteed to keep kids on the edge of their seats.{} Also as a BIG bonus, each child and teacher will receive a DVD entitled, "Your Severe Weather Safety Plan: Protect Your Home & Family" written and produced by the FOX 25 Weather Team. The DVD also includes more easy, fun experiments by Mad Science. {}Each student also receives a brief, but informative homework assignment in conjunction with the DVD to insure students know EXACTLY what to do and where to go in all severe weather situations.{} After the conclusion of the presentation, each student earns a certificate for their participation, which includes their appearance times during the FOX 25 Morning News the following day!The presentation itself walks students through the basics of meteorology using experiments, visuals, and firsthand interaction.{} Once the basics of meteorology are presented, students learn how those basics apply to forecasting our crazy Oklahoma weather.{} Since severe weather and Oklahoma go hand-in-hand, the program finishes by teaching the students how and where to stay safe during severe weather. {}If you are a teacher and would like the Future Forecasters program to visit your school, please email either Chief Meteorologist Jeff George or Meteorologist Kyle Roberts to set up a date and time for a visit!

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