FOX25 Town Hall Meeting helps family with insurance problems

State and city leaders are helping fill the gaps for storm victims. They answered questions in the FOX25's Tornado Town Hall Meeting on Thursday night.

FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren spoke with one family who says they now have the resources they need to put their life back together.

The home of Aaron Strouhal and his family is still standing after the tornadoes in Moore, but that doesn't mean things are going smoothly. The roof came down in multiple areas of the home and there is severe mold and water damage. Strouhal showed us where the damage is so severe to the outside structure that he can actually push in walls and push up the roof.

"The insurance adjuster says oh I think the trim just pulled down a little bit," said Strouhal. "So I walked up there and I pushed on it and said you think so do you? And that's what we've been fighting."

Strouhal says it's families like his, whose homes were not leveled, that seem to be having the most problems with insurance.

"The most frustrating thing is we'd just like to get some direction."

So Strouhal brought his concerns to FOX25's Tornado Town Hall Meeting Thursday night, getting a chance to address the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner himself.

Commissioner John Doak told Strouhal, "The Oklahoma Insurance Department will be here to help you and to sit down with you and help mediate those processes between you and your insurance company to the best ability that we have."

24 hour later, Strouhal already saw results from that conversation.

"Thanks to FOX25 we're getting some help. The Town Hall Meeting last night was excellent," said Strouhal.

The insurance commissioner, along with Mayor Glenn Lewis, were able to put Strouhal in contact with the right people to hear his concerns and act on them.

"They're going to send someone from the City of Moore out to look at the house and see what they think structurally."

Strouhal's family is living in an apartment in Norman now, but they plan to rebuild their home where it is in Moore. Strouhal's glad he now has the resources to make that happen.

"You guys have been a tremendous help," he said. "You've identified resources that we probably overlooked or just didn't realize they were there."

FOX25 will be reairing our Town Hall Meeting Saturday at 1 p.m. on FOX25 and Sunday at 5 p.m. on CW-34.

To view a slide show of our Town Hall Meeting click here.