Fox at five: water pounds through apartment roof, more in store

After a very dry start to the year, some much needed moisture has been arriving in Oklahoma and that continues this weekend.Most of the state is currently under a flash flood with several inches of rain possible for the weekend. Occasional storms with wind, hail, & local flooding are still possible Friday through Sunday with two to six inches of rain possible.These storms will form to the west late Friday night/early Saturday morning and travel into Oklahoma around dusk. This weekend's system will evolve throughout the next few days. Stay up to date by downloading the FOX 25 Weather App for your iPhone, iPad, or Android.-----This morning's heavy rains weren't exactly welcome for residents at a NW Oklahoma City apartment complex as it pounded a hole through the ceiling. The roof collapsed at the Oakwood Apartments near NW 34th and MacArthur just before 8:00 AM Friday.The heavy downpour forced it's way into six units. For Riley Webb, it sounded like a mob outside his door."It sounded like 20 people just banging on the roof in the floor. It was horrible when I was in there. It just sounded really loud," Webb said. Nobody was injured by the roof collapse.------The bomb squad gives the all clear after being called to a home in SW Oklahoma City when police said they found suspicious items. Police said the narcotics unit was serving a search warrant near SW 49th between Western and Walker around 3:00 Friday afternoon.Around 4:30, the bomb squad gave the all clear and police began clearing out from the area. Police say the bomb squad did not find anything explosive in the home. As a precaution, the bomb squad will stay at the home while police continue to search.------An Oklahoma State University football player is officially charged. Devon Thomas found himself in handcuffs last week after a friend said Thomas and other men robbed him at gunpoint for money and marijuana. Now, Thomas has been charged with robbery with a firearm, shooting with intent to kill, and first degree burglary.The victim said he has known Thomas for several years.Thomas was a four-star recruit from Broken Arrow who committed to Oklahoma State. He enrolled this spring.------A teenager who was accused of opening fire into a crowd in Bricktown in the 2012 NBA Playoffs has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Avery Meyers, 18, pleaded guilty to eight charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in Oklahoma County on Thursday. Shortly after his plea, he was sentenced to to 25 years in prison with 10 years probation.Meyers was arrested in May 2012 on eight-counts of shooting with intent. Police said he shot at a group of eight people in Bricktown in May 2012. The shooting happened after a game between the Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers in Bricktown. None of the eight people who were shot at died.Police say Meyers claims he opened fire to protect himself from a group of people coming at him and his brother.He was 16 years old at the time of the shooting and wanted to be tried as a juvenile. In 2013, a judge ruled he would be charged as an adult for the crimes.------One day after common core is repealed in Oklahoma, the state superintendent says her office is getting to work on new standards. Yesterday, Governor Mary Fallin signed the bill into law that repeals Common Core standards in Oklahoma in favor of state-created mandates. Until those mandates are complete, the state will revert back to benchmarks set in 2010. State Superintendent Janet Barresi said it's quality over speed."That's why it takes two years. We can do it fast, or we can do it right," Barresi said. "I asked the legislature to give us 2 years to do a thorough process. We've got to get this out among Oklahomans to tell us what they want our kids to learn"The state is at risk of losing control of federal funds with this move, but Barresi and Fallin say they're not sure what the government will do in response to the repeal.