Fox at Five: city considers ordinance for Uber and Lyft ride-sharing

A new ordinance regulating two ride-sharing companies doing business in the Metro is headed to the Oklahoma City city council.The ordinance that would regulate companies like Uber and Lyft was passed out of the city transportation meeting Monday. It applies to ride shares that operate in the city. Taxi and limo companies want to ensure the safety of passengers and fairness of business operating in the city. Tonight on the Primetime News at Nine, we'll explain how this ordinance could affect drivers and passengers of ride shares like Uber and Lyft in the Metro.Oklahoma state law requires the jails give inmates two hot meals a day. That's something the Oklahoma County Jail hasn't been able to comply with since June 19. That's when a sewer line collapsed, shutting down the County Jail's kitchen. Baptist Oklahoma Disaster Relief stepped in July 2 to cook food that the jail is providing. The collapsed line won't be repaired until this fall and it will cost the city about $1.5 million to fix it.In August, the military will step in to provide equipment.Oklahoma City Police responded to two bomb threats at Deaconess Hospital Monday morning.Officers and security guards conducted sweeps of the building to make sure it was safe. An anonymous caller told Deaconness that two bombs were set to go off.Police arrived and searched but did not find anything suspicious.The hospital was evacuated and the staff says no operations were disrupted.The hospital had a security guard check purses and bags as people came in and out of the facility.76 wheels and tires stolen from 19 trucks over the weekend in Bartlesville.According to police there, the theft happened at the Patriot GMC dealership and the trucks were jacked up and left sitting on cement blocks.Police have not made any arrests.Summer's back and the heat is still on. The heat will build this week with high temps a little hotter through Wednesday. Highs will be in the mid to upper 90s with a few places seeing the triple digits. But because of the humidity, it'll feel like 100 or higher most afternoons.A weak front will move into the state on Wednesday providing a chance for a few showers or storms, but most areas will stay dry. The front will also knock Thursday's high temp down a few degrees to normal hot stuff.Heat continues as we enter the weekend, but all hope is not lost! Another decent cold front along with higher rain chances is possible by next Sunday or Monday!
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