Fox at Five: as Okla. heats up, some medicine may make it harder to cool off

A man wanted on two counts of animal cruelty in Midwest City turned himself in to Oklahoma County authorities only to bond back out shortly after he arrived.Corey Harrison is accused of animal cruelty after authorities said they found two pit bulls abandoned and emaciated in an apartment. One of those pit bulls died on Monday. On Tuesday, authorities issued an arrest warrant for the 27-year-old. Wednesday morning, he walked into Oklahoma County and turned himself in.According to the jail, he did what's called a "walk-through". He walked into the jail to turn himself in and immediately bonded out.A front moving into Oklahoma Wednesday provided a LITTLE bit of relief. Very little. Thursday is looking to be just as hot and the weekend too, but the humidity will drop.Good news? By the end of the weekend another decent front will move into Oklahoma bringing cooler temps for next week along with a return of better rain chances.With those temperatures on the rise, people taking some over the counter medications and prescription drugs may find it harder to cool down.Doctors we spoke with say drugs like allergy medicines, laxatives, high blood pressure drugs, and decongestants make it harder for your body to cool down in high temperatures like this. Tonight on the Primetime News at Nine, the symptoms you need to watch out for and who doctors say is most at risk.Warr Acres Police say they found a man who disappeared and left his big rig unattended Tuesday night.Gary Near was found at the AT Truck Stop in Oklahoma City, near I-40 and Morgan Rd.Police say while making a delivery to a Wal-Mart in Warr Acres yesterday morning, Near accidentally locked his keys in his truck and walked-off. Officers say Near was frustrated when he left his truck and told police he saw himself on TV as a missing person and called police. Warr Acres police say Near is okay and is making plans to return back home to Colorado.
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