FOX 25 Tornado Relief Town Hall Meeting

Oklahoma is the heart of tornado alley and after a very active May, FOX 25 is giving tornado survivors a chance ask questions and get answers.

It was a full house for the tornado relief town hall with representatives from the city and the state there to provide support, reassurance, and information to tornado victims.

It was an emotional night from the very beginning. Parents talking about the tragedy of losing their children in plaza towers. Others talking about the frustration they had with insurance companies and emergency responders.

Mayor Glenn Lewis told us he's glad people had a forum like this to come to with their concerns.

"That's what we're here for. So everybody can get their questions answered and hopefully the proper way that they need to be answered and if they need help we want to be able to help them so that's why we're here it's about neighbors helping neighbors" Mayor Lewis said.

And neighbors were able to get those answers.

Panelists agreeing time after time to personally meet with those who had concerns. So those concerns wouldn't remain a burden on already burdened families.