"Caring for Veterans" Town Hall Meeting

Fox 25 to hold “Caring for Veterans” Town Hall Meeting

As part of its continued commitment to the community, Fox 25 held a Town Hall meeting to discuss issues affecting our veterans returning from service.{} The latest statistics show that every day 22 veterans commit suicide, and countless more suffer from PTSD. Fox 25 assembled a panel to take part in a discussion moderated by Mark Hyman.It happened at Oklahoma Christian University's in Judd Theater in Edmond, Oklahoma. Members of the panel included:
  • Juanita Celie, Oklahoma VA Hospital Suicide Prevention Coordinator
  • Dr. Steven Scruggs, a Psychologist with the Oklahoma VA Hospital
  • Howard & Jean Somers, whose veteran son Daniel committed suicide
  • Gen. James Mukoyama, President & Exec. Dir. Of Military Outreach USA
If you missed it, you can catch it again Saturday at 4 p.m. or Sunday at 5 p.m. on the CW.{} {}{}
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