Four escape Caddo County jail

The Caddo County Sheriff's Office is searching for four inmates who escaped from the Caddo County Detention Center Saturday night.

"I just think it's kind of an odd deal," said Christopher Dobson, an Anadarko resident, "that they escaped and how they escaped."

The inmates were last spotted at a car wash about one block from the detention center.

The inmates are:

Dylan Ray Three Irons, 21, described as 5' 2'' and 162 lbs.

Prime Tounwin Brown, 23, 5' 10'' 155 lbs.

Anthony James Mendonca, 24, 190 lbs.

Triston Cheadle, 32, 230 lbs.

Caddo County Sheriff, Gene Cain says Cheadle was awaiting a jury trial. Irons, Brown, and Mendonca were going to be transported to the Department of Corrections, but instead, they became the first escapees out of Caddo County's newer facility.

The inmates escaped through a trap door above the showers. Sheriff Cain says the four men climbed down the plumbing chase and ended up in an area that was not part of the detention center.

"All they had to do was push the door and walk out because it's not in the jail," said Sheriff Cain.

Several County Offices are housed in the same complex as the detention center. Caddo County Sheriff's Office will re-evaluate security measures at the facility after this escape.

If you see the inmates, call 911 or the Caddo County Sheriff's Office at 405-247-6666.