Former "Storage Wars" contestant makes a gruesome discovery

A former "Storage Wars" contestant made a scary discovery inside an abandoned New York storage locker he bought at auction... dozens of urns and other containers filled with cremated human remains.

According to the New York Post, Steve Monetti, 41, found the trove of ashes Monday, two days after dropping $550 for the contents of the forgotten unit at the Harlem storage locker.

The 31 containers were packed inside several cabinets and cardboard boxes. Some were stored inside thick stone urns embossed ornate engraving. Others lie in polished brass urns or common metal boxes.

Each had the name of the deceased and the date of cremation.

The only thing creepier than the discovery of the ashes was the realization of who left them there -- a former NYPD detective who owned a funeral home. He died in 2007. His niece paid the storage bill until she recently fell behind.

Police determined no crime had occurred and left the remains with Monetti.

He doesn't know what he'll do with the ashes and hopes they'll be returned to their families at some point.