Former OSU fraternity member points gun at pledges during hazing incident

A hazing incident at Oklahoma State University takes a dangerous turn when a fraternity member points a gun at two Alpha Gamma Rho pledges.

"In no way was the individual's actions condoned or encouraged by the fraternity," said Mitchell Earl, President of Alpha Gamma Rho's OSU Chapter.

Owen Hossack, now a former Alpha Gamma Rho member, made his first court appearance Monday afternoon in Payne County. Before a Payne County judge, Hossack pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of pointing a firearm at someone with intent to threaten.

Hossack and his attorney, Luke Anthony remained silent as they left the Payne County Courthouse, but court documents reveal he could be behind a traumatic experience for two college freshmen looking for a place to belong.

"It's unfortunate," said Taylor Grant, an OSU student, "it's a sad thing."

An affidavit obtained from the Payne County District Attorney's office shows a victim told OSU police Hossack pointed a loaded handgun at one pledge's head, and asked him if he would take a bullet for his pledge brother. When the pledge responded no, Hossack yelled at him and told the pledge he does not understand the meaning of brotherhood.

"It does give a bad name to the fraternities," said Morgan Salmon, another OSU student.

The victim also told police Hossack pointed a gun at his head and asked him the same question. The victim says when he responded, "yes sir," Hossack shoved the gun up to his neck and pushed his head into the back window of a vehicle.

The affidavit reveals the victim experienced trouble breathing and started coughing, which was when he said Hossack removed the gun, and fired a gun shot. The victim reports seeing a flash from the end of the gun and saw the passenger's side rear window explode.

After the incident with Hossack, many OSU students say the hazing must stop.

"With the situation that happened, it's obviously dangerous," said Salmon, "it makes people do crazy things and jeopardizes their schooling."

Hossack was kicked out of Alpha Gamma Rho and has been suspended from OSU for three years amid the accusations.

"Immediately he was prohibited in any fraternity related activity and has been expelled," said Earl.

OSU officials released this statement:

"Oklahoma State University takes seriously any charges dealing with weapons being used improperly by our students and any allegation of hazing."

Officials also said Alpha Gamma Rho will remain on partial social probation for the remainder of the school year.

"Members of the fraternity are fully cooperating with campus officials," said Earl.

Hossack's preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 4.