Former Oklahoma City doctor pleads guilty to eight murders

William Valuck changed his plea to guilty on eight charges in court on Wednesday.

A former doctor in Oklahoma who was charged with murder and drug distribution charges in connection to patients of his who overdosed and died has pleaded guilty.William Valuck took a plea deal Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to eight counts second-degree murder in exchange for a sentence that will amount to eight years in prison and two years of probation, Oklahoma County first assistant DA Scott Rowland said. In the deal, more than 40 drug counts were also thrown out.Valuck was originally charged with eight counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of eight patients. Prosecutors said they died from overdoses of strong drugs Valuck prescribed them. A ninth murder charge initially filed had been dismissed.Rowland told Fox 25's Jordann Lucero Valuck will have to serve about eight year then serve two years probation."There are very, very few homicide cases where I would even consider an eight year sentence, but in this unique situation where the defendant is nearly 72-years-old and when the case was going to take another year and a half or so to get to trial, I think that this clearly was the best resolution for everybody that was involved," Rowland said.He was initially arrested on nine counts of homicide and 43 counts of drug distribution.Court documents say some pharmacies thought all of these prescriptions were suspicious and stop filling any orders from Valuck.The DEA said Valuck was "by far the largest prescriber of [controlled substances] In the state." Valuck wrote about 12,000 more prescriptions for those drugs than the second highest prescriber in Oklahoma this year, the DEA reported.Other patients and people who worked with Valuck told FOX 25, he was known for getting people whatever pain killers they wanted, saying he was known as "the candy man."
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