Former Navy SEAL shot in stomach, plugs wound, tails attacker's car

A former Navy SEAL has quite the story to tell. After being shot in the stomach, he chased the attacker's car, plugged the wound with his finger, and then drove himself to the hospital.

Christopher Heben, 44, is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered during a confrontation with a car full of suspects.

He spent years in the Navy and is now a regular on major cable news networks as an expert commentator on military issues. Heben told FOX News that he was walking through a parking lot in the Akron, Ohio area to a grocery store when a car backed up and hit him.

He said words were exchanged, profanities included, before he walked away. He said he got into the store and realized he forgot his wallet so he turned around. That's when he said the car pulled up and the driver talked to him again.

He said the driver told him he's 'got a big mouth' and he 'needs to learn some respect'. Heben said he told him in his world respect is earned and not given and he'd be happy to give the man that opportunity. That's when he said he felt a blow to his stomach and took his breath away.

Instead of calling for 911, he plugged the room tried to chase the man down, all while plugging the wound with his finger. Hear his entire story from FOX News above.

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