Football team cleans up after vandalism, gets help from neighbors

Deputies are still investigating who trashed an Oklahoma high school football weight and locker room over the weekend. But in the meantime, the team at Bridge Creek High School is working everyday to get back on its feet. The first official practice is Monday.School officials estimate around $10,000 worth of damage. But worse, vandals left the team without uniforms, equipment and even footballs."Everybody's been working hard coming up here and cleaning things up," said senior Mason Trevino.There's not a lot of kids who would volunteer to be at school over the summer. But over the past four days Bridge Creek football players clocked dozens of hours.Wednesday, hope arrives from an unexpected place. Southmoore High football coach Jeremy Stark brought much-needed uniforms and footballs."Can't practice without 'em" he said.The vandals destroyed just about everything except a few helmets and pads. And Bridge Creek only had one ball left. That's a big loss at 100 bucks a pop."It helps out a lot," Trevino said, while the other guys murmured in agreement, "tremendously."Twenty-three Southmoore players lost their homes in the Moore tornado last May. Stark says they know what it's like to need help from the outside world."We're in a position now that we could help so it was only natural that we pitch in," he said.It's not just Southmoore. Since the news of the vandalism spread, different schools and businesses around the area have been donating what they can to help the team.Bridge Creek Football coach Greg Wallis says the situation is teaching the guys to take a bad situation and make it better. That's a learning opportunity not many students get from a classroom."We can also take this and draw the community closer to the school and hope that we can continue to grow," Wallis said.The players are looking forward to football season, confident what happened won't hold them back."I'm happy that people are actually there to help, knowing people are out there that actually care," Trevino said.Surveillance footage shows two people around the school complex that night. Deputies say the crime does constitute a felony charge if suspects are caught and convicted.Several fundraisers are planned to help the team:8/9 Cookout at Tri City Walmart 11-2p.m.8/16 Football players carhopping at Tri City Sonic 7a.m.-5p.m.8/21 Spaghetti dinner before scrimmage at Little Axe 5 p.m.8/23 Meet the Bobcat 10-2p.m.
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