Florida school sends home letter calling girl overweight

NAPLES, Fla.- A Naples mom is upset over a letter her daughter brought home from school suggesting she's overweight! The Collier County Health Department's note references a school health screening and this mom wants to know why it's being done at school and not at the doctor's office.

As a mother of 4, Kristen Grasso is conscious of what her kids eat.. This is why the latest letter sent home with her 11-year-old from school is difficult to understand.

"It classifies her as overweight," said Grasso.

Kristen is talking about a letter showing her daughter's results from a health screening done at school. Her BMI suggests she is overweight.

She says her daughter is one of the tallest in her 5'5 weighing a 124 pounds.

"Do you consider her overweight?"

"Absolutely not. Lily is tall, athletic, solid muscle by no means is she overweight."

As a mom, she worries about the message these results send to a young child.

"Kids that see results like this test may be classified as overweight and they aren't may develop self-esteem issues."

Fox 4 contacted the health department. A spokeswoman says the screenings are required under Florida law and parents can sign a letter rejecting their children get screened. Kristen says she received that form, but it stated it was a vision hearing, growth and development screening. She didn't assume a child's weight would be involved.