Florida mom and doctors surprised by 14 lb record-setting baby

A Florida family received a big blessing ahead of Christmas. And we mean big.

"I was surprised. I was shocked. I really said, 'Oh my god.' Literally."

That's Nicia McNelley after she gave birth to a 14 pound baby boy last week.

She went into the hospital on December 20th for her pre-scheduled cesarean section but probably didn't know she was just ounces shy of breaking a record.

"I couldn't believe it. I mean, I have two other kids, but not as big as this guy."

When Isaiah made it to the world, he topped out at a whopping 14 lbs, 7.6 oz. He's the second biggest baby born in the Sunshine State in 2013 and one of the largest at the hospital, surprising mom and doctors.

To give you a little bit of perspective here, 14 pounds and seven ounces is roughly the same weight as two gallons of milk, a George Foreman lean mean grilling machine, and a full size vacuum cleaner.

Mom says she's not surprised he was big. When she was pregnant, she thought he weighed 10, maybe 12, lbs. But not 14.

"Very heavy. Very heavy. It felt like constantly he was going to fall out, but he didn't."

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