Florida man points gun at cat's head, posts to Facebook

The Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte Florida is investigating a photo of a Florida man who apparently snapped a photo of himself holding a cat in one hand while pointing a gun at it with his other hand.The photo by Mcguinness that has since been taken down was reported to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control but not before other people saved it and began sharing it."It angers us beyond belief," Charlotte County Animal Control Division Manager Lt. Brian Jones told Fort Myers TV station WBBH.Thomas Mcguinness later posted: "don't know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice."Animal Control also found pictures on Facebook of Mcguninness pointing a gun at a dog and himself.WBBH also reports that authorities have made contact with Mcguinness and has apologized after the story aired.With just these photos, Animal Control says Mcguinness cannot be cited for animal cruelty if the animals are in fact unharmed.According to WBBH, Mcguinness has been cooperating and says the animals were unharmed.