Florida man calls 911 during home invasion, gets voicemail

As four men broke into a Florida man's home, he called 911 while arming himself. When he got the voicemail, he said he shot one of the men.The victim said in the call that four men broke into his home and started beating on him, his wife, and his stepmother. He called 911 in Port Richey, Florida, after the men broke in but was patched to the fire department.When the dispatcher tried to transfer to law enforcement, things go tricky, according to As the suspects returned to the home, he was connected to voicemail that said "if this is an emergency, hang up and call 911."Shortly after, a dispatcher picks up the phone and the man says he shot someone. MyFoxTampaBay reports the county said the transfer call didn't slow times and police responding to the address three and a half minutes after the call. They also report three of the suspects have been caught, including the one shot by the homeowner.
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