New Year's bundle: first baby born in 2014

Proud parents Jennifer and Filipe Nunes have an extra special bundle of joy to take home from the hospital.

"He's the New Year's baby from this year. He was born at 12:05," Jennifer said, smiling.
His name is Rowan. He's the first baby born at OU Children's Hospital this year.
"People are celebrating a new year. And they're doing it with a new baby. And that's always way too fun," said nurse Nena Mooney, who is assigned to the couple.
But baby Rowan didn't come easily. After 15 hours of labor, doctors decided a C section was necessary.
"In the end he was just in a bad position and his cord was kinked and just wasn't responding well," Jennifer said.
But despite the complication, in the end the little guy made it out healthy and happy.
"He turned out beautifully! Don't you think," said dad Filipe.
As a congratulations the hospital put together an entire cart load of gifts for the first baby in the new year.
"Very generous," said Filipe, "they gave us a bunch of stuff that we'll be able to use for him and for her. We feel very blessed."
Rowan is a brand new life to add to the growing family. And it's a fresh start just in time for a new year.
"I believe that new babies are God's way of telling us life's gonna go on and there's always hope," said Nurse Mooney.
The Nunes's say New Years will never be the same in their house again.
"I guess it'll be a party every year now," Jennifer said.