Firefighters investigate suspicious fire in SW Oklahoma City Tuesday morning

15 people evacuated after gas leak leads to house fire

It was an action-packed morning as firefighters had to evacuate many people in a neighborhood near SW 31st and McKinley after a fire and gas leak. Firefighters are trying to figure out how the home went up in flames overnight. Fire crews say they got the call after 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. There were heavy flames coming from the home. After putting the fire out, firefighters found the gas leak. A total of 15 people had to be evacuated from five homes in the area. Crews were able to turn off the gas in the house and call the fire suspicious. "It's unclear if anybody lived here, just from what some of the neighbors have said, but due to the nature from what the fire looked like when we got here, it does appear to be suspicious in nature," said Bat. Chief Tommy Iago. Crews say they found no one inside the home and there were no injuries. The house did not have electricity, but did have gas. Firefighters say the home is a total loss and estimate the damage at around $40,000-$50,000. Crews are working on a water main break near SW 31st and McKinley, leaving residents in the area temporarily without water.
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