Firefighters investigate overnight house fire

A fire breaks out in a home overnight in the south side of the metro. Now, investigators are trying to figure out what could've caused the blaze.

The fire happened around 1:45 this morning near Southeast 18th and South Lindsay Ave. Fire crews say there were people inside the home when the fire broke out, but they all got out safely.
Firefighters say there is fire and smoke damage to half of the home.

OKFD Bat. Chief Mike Walker says, "When our crews arrived, we did have a significant amount of fire to the back of the house. Occupants were outside. Crews made an interior attack and were able to stop this fire before it destroyed the entire house."

Firefighters are not sure how the fire started, but they don't think it is suspicious. The power is now out in the house and the family will not be able to stay there for the night.

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