Fire destroys home near Luther

A man in Luther narrowly escaped his home when a heater caught fire late Friday morning. Ricardo Alvarez said he tried to fight the fire on his own, but the flames got out of control too fast for him.

"I can't open the door, I broke the window," Alvarez told Fox 25. Alvarez burned his hand trying to escape the flames.

Alvarez came to Oklahoma in 1980 after leaving his home country of Cuba. He built a home and life just outside of Luther and watched in horror as the fire and smoke destroyed nearly everything he owned.

He says several of his animals made it through the fire, but he believes some of them died because he wasn't able to find them through the smoke.

"It really hurts because he's so kind," friend Candy Brown said while comforting Alvarez, "He goes out of his way to help other people. He gives away his stuff to other people. That's his heart; that's what he cares about is doing stuff for other people."

Alvarez has no family in the area and his wife died last year. He says a friend is keeping a trailer on his property and it did not burn so he will be able to stay there until he can decide what he will do next because he does not have insurance.