Federal health care enrollment deadline nears

(AP) -- Health and insurance groups in Oklahoma are trying to reach out to uninsured residents as the deadline approaches for open enrollment in health care plans under the federal health care law.

March 31 is the final day for open enrollment until the next enrollment period begins Nov. 15. The law includes financial penalties for people who have no health insurance -- but exempts some people. Those exempt include members of Indian tribes, people who don't make enough to file taxes or those who would pay more than 8 percent of household income for coverage, and those who qualify for expanded Medicaid.

Nancy Metcalf, "Consumer Reports" health care expert, said missing open enrollment could end up costing you more money.

"If you miss that deadline, the next time you can get insurance isn't until 2015," Metcalf said.

Several options are available for Oklahomans to get enrolled. One such is the Oklahoma Primary Care Association.

AP contributed to this report.