Family say man killed in Logan County fire gave truck to neighbors

The family of Johnny Knox says the 56-year-old died after he lent his truck to neighbor and ran back towards the fire to check on animals.

The family of a man killed in a massive wildfire Sunday says he wasn't refusing to leave his home but he had lent a truck to a neighbor to allow the family to get out safely.FOX 25's Chelsea Washington spoke with the family of the man killed in the fire. They identified him as 56-year-old Johnnie Knox.Emergency responders told the media that the victim had refused to leave even after evacuations were ordered. However, family and friends say Knox lent his truck to a neighbor so the entire family can get out safely. "He gave the neighbors his truck so they could leave because they have small kids and he wanted to make sure they could get out of the area," says Knox's brother Jackie. His brother says Knox also had a semi truck at his home and he believed his brother would leave in that vehicle. When Knox went back towards the fire, he checked on dog first and his brother believes the smoke and fire overtook him, claiming his life.Search and rescue crews found Knox's body Sunday night at around ten o'clock in evening right next to his dog Ellie who also died in the fire. "He has a little rough inside but he had a heart of gold," says Jackie Knox. Johnnie Knox is survived by his daughters and grandchildren.