Family of Molly Miller hires private investigators as search continues

11 months ago, Molly Miller's last known communication was a 911 call. Now, the family of the 17-year-old have hired a private investigating firm from Texas to help in the search.On July 7, 2013, Molly was with two other boys when officers from the Wilson Police Department tried to pull them over. Instead, the driver hit the gas, leading police on a chase to a rural dirt road where the car was found abandoned. During the chase, Molly tried to call 911 but the call was disconnected.The driver, James "Conn" Nipp, was later arrested on an unrelated charges. The other man, Colt Haynes, was a new acquaintance of Molly's. He hasn't been seen since that day and currently has federal warrants for his arrest.On Tuesday, Klein Investigations and Consulting, a private investigations firm from Texas, announced they were retained by the family to help find Molly. The firm said it will have nine investigators from across the country looking into the case and are asking any tips to be called into the Molly Miller Hotline at 580-798-8157 or by emailing to Molly's family, she was last seen near Nipp's land. In March, her cousin Paula Fielder told Fox 25 that they've searched the surrounding area but Nipp's land is the one area they haven't been able to search."This entire area, we've been all over it," Fielder said. "There's nothing that we haven't hit here until we get to the Nipp property." The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Molly and Haynes were considered missing persons but opened an investigation and tried to question Nipp. They said he asserted his fifth amendment right to remain silent.Several agencies are now actively working on what happened to Colt and Molly, including Love and Carter Co Sheriff's Office, Chickasaw Light Horse Police, OSBI, OBN, Wilson, Lone Grove and Ardmore Police Depts as well as the U.S. Marshals.